Garlic Cauliflower Bread sticks

These bread sticks have absolutely no wheat in them so they aren't officially a bread stick.  They are in keeping with a plant strong and lower carbohydrate lifestyle.  I think they emulate the real thing quite nicely especially if you are open-minded.  You can pick them up in your hand and dip them in marinara sauce just like a bread stick but you could also use a fork if you want.  Serve them with marinara sauce along with your favorite red wine. This dish is great as an appetizer or a light meal. You could serve with soup or a salad too. I think you will agree that they stand on their own really well and have great flavor. 

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2 cups cooked, riced cauliflower*

1 egg or the equivalent in egg whites 

1 TBL flax seed meal - I get Bob's Redmill from Whole Foods

1/4 cup mozzarella cheese

1/4 cup parmesan cheese

1 tsp oregano

4 Basil leaves chopped or chiffonade cut

2 tsp parsley

2 rounded tsp garlic (fresh or jarred variety)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then steam or microwave the cauliflower so that it is al dente in texture.  It will have a chance to cook further once its combined with all the other ingredients. Put cauliflower in a food processor and process till it takes on a rice-like consistency. Move the cauliflower to a large bowl. Then, lightly spray a casserole dish about 9 x 13 size and set aside. Combine the rest of the ingredients with the cauliflower rice to create a nice thick consistency that will be easy to press in the casserole dish. You don't want this to be runny but considering the ingredients I don't think this will pose a problem.  Press the cauliflower mixture to about 1-1/2 inches deep in the pan.  Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes, or until you see some nice browning on the top. Let the dish cool for 15 minutes and then loosen the mixture with a spatula around the edges.  Be very careful because now you will need to transfer the cauliflower from the casserole dish to a cookie sheet for cutting and additional baking. The best approach minus any kitchen disaster is to flip the cauliflower mixture on to the cookie sheet. I'm happy to report that mine slipped nicely from the pan to the cookie sheet. This is what it should look like.

Garlicy Cauliflower1web.jpg

If you have a pizza cutter I recommend slicing through the cauliflower dough across its length to make normal looking breadsticks.  I got about 5 or 6 slices lengthwise. If you don't have a pizza cutter then use a serrated knife. Cut across the width in order to make bread sticks that are easy to handle.  Three cuts width-wise will do it.  Before slightly separating each stick for further browning add a little more mozzarella  or parmesan cheese if you want some extra cheesy goodness.  I did this and its worth it. Now, slightly separate each piece. You can then put your oven on broil and continue cooking till the top of the sticks are browned about 2 to 3 minutes.  Watch them as it won't take very long. Once they are done, plate them and serve with marinara sauce.  I use Newman's brand marinara but feel free to use your favorite or homemade variety.  

Garlicy Cauliflower bread sticks

Garlicy Cauliflower bread sticks