Curried Quinoa Cakes

A savory appetizer or meal

About Quinoa 

Quinoa, pronounced "keen wha", is considered a grain by many and in general its used like one but its really a seed. Quinoa is grown high in the Andes Mountains of South America.  The ancient Incas thrived on this super food. Quinoa is a Super food? Well, indeed it is! - this seed contains so many nutritious elements that are necessary to life that yes, its a super food. It includes the 8 essential amino acids that our bodies need but can't make ourselves. So maybe we should call this a super seed which the more I think about is pretty amazing! Quinoa is also gluten and wheat free so its great for people who need or choose to eat this way. It has a seriously low glycemic load at something like 18 out of 250 when measured on the glycemic index scale. Awesome! It has so much magnesium per serving (30% of your daily requirement) that it is beneficial to people who have migraine headaches. Wow who knew! Can you sense my amazement and excitement about this seed?  There is more info on this amazing food so go here to learn some Quinoa Nutrition facts that I haven't included here.

Curried Quinoa Cakes

Curried Quinoa Cakes

Now on to the recipe. This recipe is so easy and quite special. I think you will really enjoy it.  I know how important it is in to be able to make flavorful and nutritious meals that take minimal time in our busy days.  This is a winner in all categories.  I'm sure you will agree if you give it a try.  Also, these lovely little morsels make great leftovers.

Ingredients for Quinoa Cakes

1  cup dried quinoa cooked in 2 cups water

4 large eggs

1/2 red bell pepper finely chopped or about 6 to 8 small mini peppers finely chopped

1  cup  shredded  mozzarella cheese

3/4 cup shredding parmesan cheese

1  to 2 Tbl curry powder or to taste

1 Tbl ground cumin

Salt and pepper to taste


Curry Sauce 

1 can lite or regular Coconut Milk

1 Tbl. Yellow Curry paste or the equivalent in curry powder to taste

Salt and Pepper to taste

mix all ingredients for the sauce in a small saucepan and heat till reduced a bit

serve warmed


Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees and then spray your mini muffin pan with cooking spray - set aside till ready to use.  I also used a regular sized muffin pan and filled them halfway. Cook the quinoa utilizing 1 cup dried quinoa to 2 cups water (most packages advise you to use these increments). After the quinoa is cooked let it cool in a large mixing bowl for 10 minutes and fully drain. Then add all other ingredients to the quinoa mixing it throughout.  Spoon the mixture into both the mini muffin pan and the regular one and press so that each quinoa cake mixture is topped off and pressed flat.  Bake cakes for 20 minutes  or until they are nicely browned. I love the crustiness that happens towards the end of the cooking time.  Adds an incredible texture that makes these cakes so wonderful. You could add a little extra cheese on top for even more flavor and crustiness.  I included this step and I think its so worth it! Then, let the cakes cool for a few minutes before removing them from the trays.  Serve with the creamy curry sauce, chutney and any vegetable of choice as a side. I would go with cauliflower since its neutral in flavor and it won't conflict with the main feature.  I've also caramelized an onion and plated it with the quinoa cupcakes. As seen pictured, tomatoes are a nice addition and add a nice contrasting color.  Also, the curry sauce is a great complement to everything in this dish.

You could also use the quinoa cakes as an accompaniment to chicken or any protein source of your choice although its not necessary because the cakes have plenty of protein in them.  Be sure to keep it neutral and utilize the curry sauce to enhance the protein source in addition to the quinoa cakes.

As mentioned before, this recipe is super easy, fast and nutritious. Hope you find the time to make this.  It turns out being an easy week night meal.


Curried Quinoa Cakes

Curried Quinoa Cakes