I know I've been silent and I apologize. The reason for the silence is that my family and I are going to Italy.  We will be visiting Rome, Florence and Venice.  A few other day trips have worked their way into our schedule as well.  My thought is to photograph and post from the trip.  I really hope that I'm able to work a little blogging into this time away. Not promising but I'd love to share in a simple way - mostly with photographs.

So with that said, come visit Seasoned Terrain and check in from time to time to see the news from Italy.  I won't be able to send out notices of new posts so just visit the site when you can. 

The Colosseum

The Colosseum

Here is a great photo I found on trip adviser.  I plan to take my own of course but wanted to get in the mood.  Since this blog is focused on food, recipes etc, I plan on posting about our culinary adventures as we explore this wonderful country. Of course what's food without a little architecture and art.  Expect a mix from our travels. I hope you enjoy!